Heatherkee’s Photography

I do studio set up for anyone needing professional pictures taken.

: )

Animal Photography

Need professional pictures of your pets. I here for you for whatever the occasions calls for.

Child Photography!

Beach Day Photography

Vintage style photoshoots at your favorite location is just a phone call away. Wigs, vintage clothing, and props will be at your disposal to use with my photo shoots.

Free Designer clothing for rent when you purchase a photo package of 50 dollars or more.

Studio Photography

Light props, colored backgrounds, and strobe lights are also offered in my services. Create an incredible strobe light extravaganza today!


Schetch #1 Project

Here is Sketch #1 project. I drew a cat with paint falling onto his head which splatters all over him. To me, this picture represents the mixing of art and culture to create a beautiful masterpiece from a standard black and white drawing of a cat.


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